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Testimonial Ronald Hille

A house in Spain is very nice, but also requires a lot of attention. Hereby you have to be lucky to find someone who is there for the house but also for you! We are lucky because we use the services of PA Costa Brava. The owner is Sander Keppels, and so far he has everything for taken into account regarding renovations and permits etc. We started with the inside of the house, an open kitchen. It took a lot of time, but luckily there was PA Costa Brava who kept us informed every week and took pictures and sent them to us. The construction of the new swimming pool came immediately afterwards. Again it was Sander Keppels who applied for the permit from the municipality for us, hired local people for the new swimming pool. The best part is that he invites the local performers to your home so that they can get acquainted. There he is invaluable because he translates all the wishes that are present. Again, he is almost daily at the place where construction/renovation takes place. Here too, the countless photos he sends are priceless, because you can respond immediately if an error has occurred due to the language barrier. When our house had to be painted from outside again by local people who he had a quotation made and because of the many photos and mails you will never be surprised. The largest project is an extension/shelter against the sun, and has recently come to a good end. The permit was quickly requested from the municipality, and again local people were used. Hereby it is fantastic that there is someone who,
A) knows the local people and language well and the mentality of the country, and
B) keeps an eye on construction and is at the end of everything to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible.
This results in a beautiful porch that I have only seen from the many photos, but will soon be able to see in real life. In short, I leave my house with peace of mind, because I know that it is taken care of properly in the months that I am not there!




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